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    Other amputees can benefit from learning about the experiences of their peers who understand exactly what they're going through. That kind of understanding and support can do so much for someone who is suffering. Put your experiences to good use by sharing them with others through

    If you have any practical advice about living with fewer than ten toes, send it our way. If you would like to share the story of how you lost your toe, we'd love to publish it. If a prosthetics expert has helped create a prosthetic for you, send us the info so we can add them to the prosthetics database. Or if you've expressed your no-toe-ness through art, we'd be thrilled to add it to our No Toe Gallery.
    Submitting your content is easy! Just make sure it's appropriate for everyone, now read the fine print legal babble (sorry, it's a necessary evil):

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    Now all you have to do is email your content to Heather, our lovely webmistress! Soon your experiences will ease the suffering of another toe amputee just like you. Thank you for your support, your kindess, and your cooperation!

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