No Toes

For those of us who can't count to 20

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    You aren't alone - there are millions of disabled men and women in the United States, and many of them have gone through exactly what you're going through now. Don't suffer needlessly; there are dozens of things that you can learn from the experiences of other, thus saving yourself from all sorts of unfortunate circumstances. We've compiled a list of essays covering all sorts of topics to help you navigate your way through toe amputation, from surgery to recovery, shoe shopping to traveling.
    If you have any advice or personal stories you'd like to share, we'd love to include them on the website. Anything you can add that you think will help fellow toe amputees would be greatly appreciated.
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Practical Advice
    • In the Hospital
    • Shoes & Clothing
    • Travel

Essays & Personal Experiences
    • 'The Toe'
       by Heather Lawver
    • 'No Toes & Faux Toes: Life After Amputation'
       by Heather Lawver
    • 'Jorge The 19 Hauser'
       by Jorge Cervera Hauser

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