No Toes

For those of us who can't count to 20

• About Us • was founded in the spring of 2005 by Heather L. Lawver. At the age of sixteen, Heather's left big toe was amputated after a five year battle with a debilitating bone infection. After years of trial and error, learning the ropes of living life with only nine toes, Heather began counseling dozens of fellow toe amputees. It seemed that everyone who contacted her had similar fears that they were alone in their new disability, that they were somehow strange and no one else understood their pain. Heather soon realized just how many people in the United States and around the world had suffered similar circumstances, losing a toe or two to accident or disease.
    It was for this reason that she started NoToes, the first online support group and resource page for toe amputees. Here we hope to encourage toe amputees everywhere to share their experiences so that we all may help each other to move on with life, to come to terms with our difficulties, and conquer our fears and sense of loss. Together we can help each other to realize that we are not alone, that so many people understand our pain, and through understanding, acceptance and happiness can blossom.
    We encourage you to browse through the site and to participate as much as you want to. NoToes is here for your benefit and for you to reach out and help others in need. Together we can work miracles for fellow struggling amputees.

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