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For those of us who can't count to 20

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    Have you or a loved one lost a toe to disease or accident? We at want you to know that you are not alone! Hundreds of Americans lose one or more of their toes every year. It's certainly not fun and it can take quite a bit of adjustment. But with the help of others who have been there and done that, we can all learn to live with these unfortunate circumstances. And most importantly, we can learn to be happy and proud of our No-Toes!

    Throughout you will find advice, personal stories, a database of prosthetic experts who can help you feel whole again, and so much more. We sincerely hope that everything you find here will be helpful and uplifting. Together we can boost our self confidence, prepare for recovery, and learn how to get back to living our lives.

    Everyone at is here for you, but when you're ready, we'd appreciate your help. There are others out there who can benefit from learning about your experiences. If you have any advice, personal stories, or works of art that you'd like to share, we'd love to post them on the website. To learn more about submitting content, please click here.

    Thanks for visiting! Together we can work through anything, even losing a toe or two.

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